Wellness – A Way of Living

Turning Good Intentions into Action

About Me


I am a Holistic Therapist specializing in Emotional Intelligence and Wellness Coaching for individuals and groups.

My services for individuals and groups include: One-2-One Coaching Support, Train-the-Trainer, Webinars, and Group Facilitation.

For individuals – Coaching is available via Skype or in person.

For Groups – Webinars are available via online training tools; Group facilitated sessions are also available in person to organizations in the GTA.

For more information or to schedule a consultation please send an email to:

Michelle Potvin H.T. Coun.
(Connect & Contact on Linked in – http://ca.linkedin.com/in/michellepotvin)

Wellness, a state of mind, body and spirit!


Wellness Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Work/Life Balance, Anger Management

* Wellness Coaching – I take an active and directive role in facilitating clients to achieve their wellness goals by combining their definition of wellness with a results-based coaching program that includes: motivational tools, a consistent support system, and skills building. The results for the client is a long-term, sustainable wellness plan that positively impacts their lifestyle.

* EQ Training/Coaching – I facilitate clients to improve their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to meet the challenges in their personal and professional lives. By combining the results-based principles of Emotional Intelligence with my unique skills and techniques, the client is able to achieve results of increased Emotional Intelligence and sustainable solutions that positively impact their Professional and Personal lives.   Visit my Emotional Intelligence Blog SEP Mind – A Way of Thinking


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